So You Want to Work With Us?

Awesome! We’re honored every darn time. When shooting with either of us, we want to get to know you and have fun. We know it’s a privilege to be let into your life. There is a significant intimacy that comes with portrait sessions and we’d love to be part of whatever you’re trying to create or capture.

Meet-Cute: We often ask clients to meet for coffee/juice/tea or a Skype call to make sure you feel comfortable with whichever of us you’ll be working with and ensure that we’re delivering on your vision. We want you to look and feel amazing during our time together. You look your best when you feel your best, and trusting your photographer is the most direct path to feeling your best. We want to be your trusted ally as quickly as possible. The photos will be infinitely better and we’ll all have more fun. Which leads us to…

Stuff People Ask Us

What Kind of Photography Do You Offer?

To be honest, a lot of different types. Just click over to Services and you’ll see that we pretty much offer it all. We thrive on variety and shoot a number of subjects, so whether it’s showcasing strength through fitness or moments of joy as you celebrate life’s milestones, we’ve got you covered. We each bring different areas of focus to our clients. Christiana is our resident fitness guru, and Jordana has photographed more weddings than she can count. Newborns? Yup. Commercial kitchens? For sure. Four hundred Franciscian Friars? Surprisingly, yes. You name it, we’ve shot it. Don’t see it on the site? Shoot us a note! We’d be happy to share sample work.

How long are your regular sessions?

Great question, glad you asked. Session durations vary. Headshots with an adult (usually) take less time than a family portrait session. That said, we usually allot between 45 minutes to 90 minutes for most shoots with the exception of newborns and certain events. For our small business clients, we develop a custom content plan and timeline. Depending on what it is that we’re trying to capture, we’ll make a recommendation and we can go from there.

Weather & Rescheduling: What if it rains or, gasp, snows?

Try as we might, neither of us can control the weather with our minds. Unfair. Can you? Show us your ways! But in all seriousness, if we planned to shoot outside, we’ve likely also asked you for a rain date. Weather happens and we’re happy to adapt. That said, if we have a scheduled shoot together, please respect our time and your own by blocking your schedule accordingly. If something unexpected happens and you can’t keep your scheduled date or time (think stomach flu, stolen car, house in sinkhole, etc.) just give us as much as a heads-up as possible. We’re happy to reschedule within reason. If you’re a chronic short-notice rescheduler we reserve the right to charge a small fee. Think of it as a motivator. Which leads us to…

Paperwork? Why do I need a contract?

You’ve probably clicked to confirm dozens or even hundreds of user agreements in your life as an internet user. Think of our contract as another one of those -- except we hope you actually read it! We don’t rely on a bunch of head-scratching legalease. Long story short, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page about what they can expect and what is included in a photography session. We always provide paperwork with plenty of time to sign and are happy to go over the details with you if you have any questions!

Can I get my photographs right away?

Long ago, before we started doing this photography thing for a living, we each asked this exact same question. Waiting for digital photos doesn’t make any sense right? Hurry up and hand them over! A little BTS info, photographers spend the fun part of our time (about 25%) with you hustling to get the shot and then we spend the rest of our time behind our computers in a suite of editing programs making sure we give you the perfect, professionally finished product. Each shoot needs a little breathing room to allow us to provide the best possible product. Some shoots have quicker turnaround times (2ish weeks), while others require 4-6 weeks (we’re looking at you, 8-hour weddings). We’ll always try to turn around your images more quickly if possible. In any case, we’ll be able to give you a more precise turn around estimate when booking your session. Need your photos in a hurry? We’ll get it done, but there will be a rush fee. Ask for details.

Do you do mini sessions for individuals?

Yes, but usually only if we’ve worked together before. That’s because depending on how often you’re photographed, it can take some time to warm up in front of the camera. We get it. Taking photos solo definitely feels different than a family portrait session. Consider if you want a mini shoot but then spend the entire time “warming up” or changing outfits…

How much time should I budget for my shoot?

Every shoot has an arc, it can start out slow, gain some momentum and then, pow, you’ll know and we’ll know, we got what we came for. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ll know when we need to change things up, when we’ve got the shot, when to redirect your attention, give you a break, or simply be your hype women. We’ve got you.

Why do you need to edit?

If we had the perfect environment i.e. lighting, no specific look we’re trying to create, nothing that needs to be edited out, etc. then we wouldn’t need to edit, but often when we’re out in the wild (i.e. anywhere we shoot that’s not a studio) there are so many things we can’t control and will spend time editing in post-production. This is the time that we’re hard at work on your photos that you don’t see and is built into the overall cost of our shoot.

What else does Mind Camera Soul offer?

We're all about education -- both photographic and for brand and marketing consulting! So whether you're someone hoping to master your camera or a company hoping to get a specific message across in your content, we've got you covered.

Photography Educational Opportunities:

• Tutoring

• Photography workshops (US and abroad)

• Photoshoot and posing workshops

Brand & Marketing Consulting Opportunities:

• Content marketing

• Overall marketing support

(for more info, visit our Work section)

Still have questions?

The quickest way to get an answer is to get in touch! Fill out our contact form or send us an email!

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